David Duchovny was inspired by Bob Dylan’s Super Bowl promotion to write new song

The first time when David Duchovny first decided to play around with a guitar, everyone already knew him as a good actor, mainly as Fox Mulder of The X-Files as well as Hank Moody of Californication. First honing Yoshimi Batles the Pink Robots by Flaming Lips and after that applying his fondness and practice with poetry, David had enough material and dealt with demos to compose an LP of twelve tracks.

Even thought the LP, named Hell or Highwater, would be released on 12th May, the 7 minute track inspired by the Chrysler advertisement of Bob Dylan, “Positively Madison Avenue,” is presently streaming online.

A leading music website reported that Duchovny said that this is a track he wrote after seeing the Super Bowl a few years ago. He was kind of churned up by the commercialism that his kids were being subjected to and that he was a part of. He love Bob Dylan and he believes that he could do whatever he wants – he is a treasure and a great man, he was just a convenient symbol for what he was feeling that day.

David, the singer/actor, recalls specific feelings linked with the opening verse of the track. He sung it like: “Jokerman takes off his mask/Reveals a car salesman at last, grow up son, you know it’s just a masquerade/Now be a good boy and get me and the boss a Gatorade.'”