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David Duchovny was inspired by Bob Dylan’s Super Bowl promotion to write new song

The first time when David Duchovny first decided to play around with a guitar, everyone already knew him as a good actor, mainly as Fox Mulder of The X-Files as well as Hank Moody of Californication. First honing Yoshimi Batles the Pink Robots by Flaming Lips and after that applying his fondness and practice with […]

Slash says why Bob Dylan once denied to use his solo

The opening cut from Bob Dylan’s album Under the Red Sky released in 1990 – “Wiggle Wiggle,” is a bit little goof, certainly there is nothing to equate with his best work. However, one could just wonder what may have been had Dylan decided to utilize the guitar parts Slash, the Guns N’ Roses former […]

Bob Dylan says if he weren’t a musician, he would be a teacher

Bob Dylan is on the cover of the February/March issue of AARP magazine. In an interview the 73 year old said that if he had to do all these things again, he would be a school teacher. He added that probably he would have taught theology or Roman history. The American singer would release “Shadows […]